My first day of spring

So today I decided to grab some food and just eat it at this park next to my school. As I was finishing my meal I realized how long it have been since I had been even 3 feet away from a three, and actually appreciating it.

It brought memories pouring down. I remembered sitting on the stairs near the house's garden. I would sometimes grab a book and read under the sun. The rays hitting me and giving me that great soothing sensation. The calmness and greatness of it. After finishing my reading I would just stay there, for like half an hour, without a human noise disrupting, just the birds chirping and the sound of the trees being slightly touched by the breeze. I remember standing and going over to the edge of the garden and watching the see about 100ft away from me. I remembered the clouds forming around the the island in front of ours. A perfect moment.

I know it isn't the first day of Spring, but for me, it was.


This is actually the view from what was my house...

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  1. Aww, that's one of the most beautiful views i have seen, you were blessed to live there john!